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The team

Ugo Vittorio Rocca
Founder / Engineer

Advisory Group on Energy (EAG) of the European Community Member for the 5th Research Program of the EU “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development” from 1998 to 2002. “Renewable Energy and Environment” Professor at the Course in Energy of the Turin ‘Politecnico’ since 1975. President of ANIT, Company 50% Ansaldo (IRI / Finmeccanica) and 50% AGIP (ENI) for solar photovoltaic (50 billion / year in revenue, about 100 employees and contractors) from 1988 to 1999. Chairman and CEO WEST, Società FINMECCANICA (Ansaldo – Alenia) for the wind sector (100 billion / year in revenue, about 130 employees and contractors) from 1994 to 1999. President Consorzio Ansaldo ENERIN Renewables (wind, photovoltaics, fuel cells, geothermal and micro-hydraulic) from 1996 to 1999. President of RESIT (Environment, Energy, Transport, Technological Innovation), mainly dedicated to renewable energies, since May 2000. Already Consultant for renewable Sources of Energy and Technological Innovation of Ansaldo Ricerche (Genoa) and API holding (Rome). Consultant A.P.A.T. (Environment and Land Protection Agency) for the Great Energy Networks (Gas, Electricity and Renewable Sources) security aspects and environmental pollution in 2004-2005.

Curriculum Vitae

Nicolalessandro Rocca
Founder / Engineer

Responsible for Renewable Sources projects; projects manager for the “Energy Bill” of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Environment. Projects designer for the program “10.000 Photovoltaic Roofs” of the Ministry of Environment and the Italian Regions. Preparation of a wind power project in Calabria (proposed on the law 488/92). Activities of project manager and complex projects and high-tech quality management. Collaboration in the evaluation of operating data of photovoltaic obtained from experiments conducted in partnership RESIT Eurosolare and Roma 3 University in the area of a program financed by FILAS (Lazio Region).

Curriculum Vitae

Arabella Rocca
Collaborator / Architect

Partner of Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners Ltd., often collaborates with RESIT. Degree in architecture with the vote of 110/110 cum laude with a thesis on urbanism underground – designing an interchange infrastructural and cultural at the metro station Maresme-Forum in Barcelona, mentor Franco Purini, co-mentor Ignasi Pérez Arnal. Collaboration with the architect Luigi Centola for the laboratory of Interior 2, the Interior Architecture Bachelor of Valle Giulia Faculty (University of Rome). Collaboration with RESIT (Renewable Energy-Environment-Transport Technology Innovation Systems) for planning and constructing sustainable energy. Participation in the project team for the Holcim Awards, with Centola e Associati, Europe 2005 gold prize. Collaboration with the architect Lucio Altarelli for the ‘Architettura e Pubblicità’ drafting and publication.

Curriculum Vitae

Fabrizio Basevi
Collaborator / Engineer

Project manager for several major photovoltaic systems such as Delphos ENEA plant, the Italian first photovoltaic installation connected to the grid, and the plant EIRES in Egypt, an important plant funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented in the Egyptian desert. He also contributed to the design of the plant of Vasto who for some time was the largest European plant (1 MWp) connected to the mains. He was also project coordinator for numerous installations financed by the European Community under the programs Joule and Thermie. In this context it has successfully completed a photovoltaic shelter at the car dealership Leonori with the financing of the Lazio Region and the EU As for the Joule program has successfully completed the program JOU-CT94_04232 “Development of a 10 kW stand alone small size wind-photovoltaic generating system” with the assistance of the EU DG XII, La Sapienza University, the Manchester University. In collaboration with ENEL had the opportunity to design and realize the first photovoltaic plants connected to the grid, working closely with architects and designers civilians. Eng. Basevi has held the position of Technical Director of the company ANIT SpA. Group Ansaldo and the Consortium ANIT. He do professional consulting in the Renewable Energy Sources areas. He works with companies Interenergy and Resit at Rome. As a consultant working with some of the largest Italian photovoltaic companies for the design of multi-megawatt plants and medium-sized part of the “Energy Account”; between projects whose development has contributed may include: SORGENIA, RESIT, TESECO, SPES, AES-SUN. For some new companies in the photovoltaic industry has worked as a “Training on the job”. Eng. Basevi is currently a teacher of PV systems design in the training courses organized by ISES Italy and consultant of the University of Rome La Sapienza.

Curriculum Vitae